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ICST 2025

13th International Conference on Strength Training

September 24 – 26, 2025 | Freiburg, Germany

ICST 2025

International Conference on Strength Training

Get ready to push your limits at ICST 2025 – the International Conference on Strength Training, happening from September 24 – 26, 2025. Hosted by the renowned Department of Sport and Sport Science, University of Freiburg, Germany under the guidance of Professor Urs Granacher (PhD), this prestigious event brings together researchers from the fields of exercise science, physiology, psychology, biomechanics, sports medicine, and physiotherapy with coaches and practitioners, strength and conditioning specialists from around the globe.

Join experts and enthusiasts in the fields of strength and conditioning as we delve deep into the latest advancements in research and sports practice.

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Organizing Team

“As researcher in the realm of strength and conditioning, I am thrilled to host ICST 2025 at the University of Freiburg. This conference provides a pivotal platform for experts and enthusiasts alike to converge, exchange ideas, and shape the future of our field. With an emphasis on cutting-edge research and practical applications, ICST 2025 promises to ignite new insights and foster collaborative endeavors that will propel performance and health-related research questions through strength training to unprecedented heights.”

-Prof. Dr. Urs Granacher

ICST International Scientific Committee

Welcome to Freiburg!

Welcome to Freiburg im Breisgau, the enchanting city that captivates with its historic charm, green oases, vibrant cultural scene, and renowned venues. As you immerse yourself in the picturesque alleys of the old town, you can explore the majestic Freiburg Minster and then indulge in the lively atmosphere of the cosy street cafés. Furthermore, experience the unique flair of a city where history seamlessly meets modernity, and nature harmoniously blends with urbanity. Freiburg – a place that touches the heart and senses alike.

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